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Sandy & Larry Nance
Black Diamond Ranch
2715 State Route 127 North
Cobden, Illinois 62920
Phone: 618-833-7629
Email: Click here
Mobile: 618-713-9348


The Black Diamond Ranch has been in existence for over 30 years. The Ranch’s old west appearance has an atmosphere that offers a peaceful setting complete with a lodge, cafĂ©, lodging and barn. Since 1998 we have taken this Old West atmosphere and offered specific Equine assisted programs to the special population and their families through our Diamonds In The Rough Youth Programs. These programs offer:

Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy:  EAL is technique of using horses to teach important and necessary life skills.  EAL has been recognized as a proven therapeutic tool for individuals with mental, learning or physical disabilities.  EAL has been proven to promote anger management, problem solving, confidence, self-esteem, appropriate social skills and most of all self worth.

Respite Camps:   Respite by definition is an interval of rest and relaxation. To the families of a special needs person, respite is so much more.  Adjusting to these special needs influences all the members of the family. Within the diversity of family support services, respite care has been constantly identified as a priority need.

Skills Camps:  Our life skills program is designed to teach practical life skills to youth and young adults. Our program provides the special population with life skills they can use to become productive and improve the quality of their life.

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